Low-budget satirical horror film Get Out is turning into one of the early front-runners for the best movie of 2017, receiving ecstatic reviews and tearing up the box offices.

In a new interview, one of its cast members, Bradley Whitford, has attributed this to the vision of first-time director Jordan Peele and its talented young lead star, 27 year old British actor Daniel Kaluuya.

Get Out has been doing great business in the States since its release at the end of February, grossing over $84 million worldwide so far against its modest budget of just $4.5 million, with reports of many people going to the cinema to see it a second, or even third, time.

Daniel KaluuyaDaniel Kaluuya is the lead star of 'Get Out', which has won rave reviews

“Race makes people very, very uncomfortable, they don’t know how to deal with it,” Whitford speculated forthrightly in an exclusive interview, talking about the general themes of the film. “But just coming from the acting department, Daniel is off the charts… he grounds this so intensely and emotionally, and that really, really grabs people, and is an important element of it.”

This echoes what Peele himself had said in a previous interview about the film and what its themes were.

“Race, specifically, is the American horror that has gotten the least attention within the genre,” the 38 year old maestro said in February. “Every other social dynamic or fear has been tackled, but there's been something taboo about race. And we need to discuss these racial issues in a way that doesn't bum us out.”

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Asked what it was like working with Peele on his directorial debut, former star of ‘The West Wing’ Whitford replied that he was impressed with how accomplished he was.

“Directing is very difficult, but directing a low-budget movie, which is what this was, is almost impossible, but directing your first movie is impossible, because you’ve never done it before and you have to be an authority figure.”

Bradley WhitfordBradley Whitford was speaking about director Jordan Peele and lead star Daniel Kaluuya in 'Get Out'

“I’ve worked with a lot of first-time directors, I’ve been a first-time director, but I’ve never seen anyone hit it out of the park like this on their first try. The reason is because Peele is totally invested in protecting his vision, but I can’t believe what an amazing job he did.”

Finally, Whitford stressed that the film was best enjoyed at the cinema, on the big screen and with a crowd.

“I saw it with an audience, and it was a blast, beyond my wildest expectations. It’s a thriller, it’s incredibly funny, and it’s actually about something! That is a miracle! That just doesn’t happen, especially for a first time director.”

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