Brandi Glanville has claimed Denise Richards pursued her and ''threw her against the wall'' and kissed her when they first met.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star was ''flattered'' by Denise's interest in her when they met for dinner, set up by her agent, but claims it was Denise who took the lead and always encouraged things between them.

She recalled: ''We went to dinner and Denise is sitting across from me and the whole time she is looking at my boobs. Then our agent left because it was getting late for him, but we stayed because we were having a great time, we were hitting it off. And then Denise said to me, 'Oh my God, does it seem like I've been looking at your boobs all night?' I'm like, 'Yeah, pretty much.' We went into the bathroom and I showed her my boobs and right when I took my shirt down. She just kind of threw me against the wall and started making out with me ... We were drunk and it's not the first time I've made out with a friend or a girl. I was flattered, it was a compliment. She's a beautiful girl. She's Denise Richards.''

Brandi claims Denise would beg to come over, but she didn't like to be alone with her because she felt she had ''a lot of dude energy'' and ''really wanted her''.

Speaking to DailyMailTV, she added: ''It was nonstop from her after the first night we met. She wanted to finish what she started, that's how I felt. She was literally texting me every single day. 'Oh, I'm in your neighbourhood, can I just come over? Can I come over? I need to see you.' I said, 'Well, I can meet you for a drink, I can meet you at dinner.' I just didn't want to be alone with her, because I felt that she had a lot of dude energy, like she really wanted me.''