Brandi Glanville is not necessarily a name that sticks with you, something that is especially true when the person trying to recall her name is Scottish actor Gerard Butler, who admitted that he had slept with the reality star before, he just couldn't remember her name afterwards. Butler confirmed that the pair got down to business during Howard Stern's Sirius XM show last night (March 11), saying that the liaison happened over 'one afternoon,' rather than the week-long love fest described by Glanville during the Jan. 24 episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Apparently, Butler became aware that his run-in with the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star was common knowledge when a paparazzo reportedly told him 'Brandi Glanville says you're great in bed.' Butler then responded by asking 'who's Brandi Glanville?' (he isn't the only person asking this in the world we're sure) because apparently the hunky Scot never found out Brandi's surname nor did he know she was famous in the first place, nor did he know that she 'was going to f--king tell people about it!'

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Not pictured, Brandi Glanville spreading stories

Butler has since cleared the air with Glanville, but unfortunately for the reality star she wont be able to count on anything happening between the pair any time soon. During the premiere for his new film,Olympus Has Fallen, the actor expressed his love for girlfriend Madalina Ghenea to Us Weekly, a model/actress he's been dating for 10 months. He gushed, 'What I love about her is she digs me. Not many people when they get to know me put up with me and she does,' adding, 'She's incredibly beautiful, sexy, she's very compassionate.' Unsurprisingly, he didn't have anything to say along the same lines about Glanville.

Olympus Has Fallen will be released in cinemas on March 22.