Brandi Glanville has revealed that she is to receive surgery after doctors found a tumor on her breast during a routine check earlier this week.

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star will go under the knife to remove the tumor, which fortunately in benign and offers little threat of being cancerous. The reality star revealed the news during an interview with In Touch magazine on Saturday (Dec 8), telling the mag that she had felt unwell for some time before visiting doctors. After her inspection doctors then found that sickness was a result of the tumor, with a surgery date to remove it immediately scheduled following the discovery.

She told the magazine, "I am having surgery this week and am relieved it’s going to be over with...It's a blessing the tumor is non-cancerous"

The surgery could hardly come at a worse time for Brandi, as she and love rival Leann Rimes are currently in the midst of yet another heated feud. Rimes, who is married to Brandi's ex-husband Eddie Cibrian (who left Brandi to be with LeAnn), was publicly denounced by the reality star - and not for the first time either- after Brandi announced that her son Mason, 9, accidentally ate one of "unstable" LeAnn's laxatives on Twitter. The consumption made the nine-year-old violently ill, and the public airing of the incident made Eddie mad as hell.

In the spirit of making private thing public, Eddie decided to publicise a private email he sent to his ex-wife in regards to the situation, in which he accuses her of being consumed by "wine and narcissism."

Frankly, we can't wait to see what sparks the next feud.