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Robbie Williams Announces New Album 'Heavy Entertainment Show'

Robbie Williams Ed Sheeran Brandon Flowers

Robbie Williams has announced he’ll be releasing his 11th studio album Heavy Entertainment Show on November 4th. The album was revealed during the commercial break on Saturday night’s ‘X Factor’, with an ad showing Williams in a boxing ring fighting as both opponents.

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The Killers And Other Really Weird Lyrics

The Killers Brandon Flowers

We’ve all heard our fair share of daft lyrics in pop songs, but now there’s been an attempt to subjectively decide which song contains the weirdest lyric.

Brandon Flowers
Brandon Flowers is the writer of the weirdest lyric ever ('Human')

According to a poll that surveyed 2,000 adults run by online streaming service Blinkbox, the winner is 2008 single ‘Human’ by The Killers for its chorus “are we human? / or are we dancer?”

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The Killers Are Back With 'A Shot At The Night' In Sin City [Video]

The Killers Bella Heathcote Max Minghella Brandon Flowers

'Shot At The Night' marks The Killers return ahead of the release of their upcoming singles compilation album, Direct Hits, that will include all their hits from 2003 to 2013. The Las Vegas rockers are heading home for their latest song, with a video that celebrates the romance and thrill of night time in Sin City with a modern Cinderella story.

Brandon Flowers
Brandon Flowers Unveils A New Look.

During the video, we're given shots of Brandon Flowers' new look. Gone are the flamboyant suits, wee moustache and the embellished shoulders as the lead singer eschews his Day & Age attire in favour of slicked back hair and a leather jacket.

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The Killers Reschedule Manchester Shows, Announce Wembley Shows For Next Year

The Killers Brandon Flowers

Las Vegas rockers The Killers were forced to cancel their performances at Manchester's MEN Arena this week after frontman Brandon Flowers lost his voice mid-set. Fortunately though, The Killers have never been a band to let their fans down and have since rescheduled the performance for ticket holders for February next year and even announced that they will perform at London's Wembley Stadium next summer too.

The band took to their official Facebook page to issue an apology for the disruption, which occured five songs into their show when Flowers' voice went kaput, posting: "Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry."

The band's scheduled shows at London's O2 Arena will still go ahead, taking place tonight (Nov 16) and tomorrow (Nov 17). The rescheduled performances will take place on February 17th and 18th whilst the Wembley Stadium gig will take place on June 22nd. Tickets for the Wembley show went on sale earlier today, and tickets for the Manchester shows were issued to those in possession of tickets for this week's shows. Refunds have also been made available by the band for those unwilling or unable to attend the February shows.

Is There A Brightside? The Killers Walk Off Stage After 5 Songs

Brandon Flowers The Killers

In a particularly disappointing anti-climax to a show that thousands of people had been looking forward to, The Killers were forced to leave the stage, apparently due to front man Brandon Flowers' illhealth, reports the BBC.

At last night's show at the MEN Arena in Manchester, UK, Brandon Flowers stopped the gig saying "I'm sorry, we've never done this before, but we've got to stop," reports Gigwise. "I don't know what to tell you guys. It's frustrating for me. I'm sorry." One disgruntled fan told the BBC quite the opposite, "We queued for hours. I'm an avid fan. I've been to 18 or so concerts. But he's done this before" she said. "It happened a few years ago in Brixton and he had to cancel Dublin. You could tell he was going. You could tell he was skipping bars out of songs and if you're a fan you just know it." In a statement from the Arena, they said that Flowers complained of a sore throat and simply could not go on. 

The band apologised to their fans via Twitter and Facebook, with a message that read "Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry. Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP. K."  Those with tickets have been advised to keep hold of them and get in touch from the original vendor for details of future and rescheduled shows.

"I'm Sorry, We've Got To Stop", The Killers End Manchester Gig After 4 Songs

The Killers Brandon Flowers Muse

"I'm sorry. I've never had to do this before. We've got to stop," were the words of The Killers' Brandon Flowers in Manchester last night (November 13, 2012) after cutting short the band's arena concert just 4 songs in. The singer, 31, lost his voice and was forced to tell 15,000 fans to, well, go home.

"I'm sorry, we'll come back, I don't know what else to tell's frustrating, I'm sorry, this is the town that we look forward most to coming to. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say," said Flowers before sloping off-stage with the rest of the band. The group has also been forced to cancel tonight's concert in Manchester, owing to Flowers still having trouble with his vocals. The band issued a brief statement on Twitter and Facebook, telling fans, "Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry. Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP." 

Though Manchester fans will undoubtedly been frustrated at the cancellation, followers of the band have a potential Muse collaboration to look forward to. Two bands were hanging out together at the MTV Europe Music Awards, with Brandon saying, "We've become good friends with Muse. We get along so well, so I'd never rule out working together. We would be trying to outdo each other. It would be spectacular, the choruses would be huge."

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The Killers Cancel Tonight's Show After Walk-Off In Manchester

The Killers Brandon Flowers

Not only was there disappointment for fans of The Killers in Manchester last night, but there was for those hoping to see the Las Vegas band perform tonight in the UK city as well, with the group announcing that they were having to reschedule both shows.

As has been widely reported, The Killers return to Manchester – their first shows there for three and a half years – went with rather a whimper after the group’s front man Brandon Flowers was forced to quit the stage at the Manchester Arena after just five songs complaining that he’d lost his voice. Last night (November 13) on Facebook, the group then wrote a status update that read: “Manchester, we started something we couldn't finish and we're so, so sorry. Working on rescheduling tonight and tomorrow's shows. Will let you know new dates ASAP.”

The response to the message has largely been positive, however there were a few disgruntled comments, with some fans clearly having traveled quite some distance – from as far away as Dubai in one instance. One ranted “You really should have come out yourselves to apologize !' Not good enough to send that guy who was shakin!!! So do the right thing please !!!” after the group had sent someone out to inform the sell-out 18,000 crowd that the band wouldn’t be coming back on. Someone else commented “I traveled all the way from South Wales to come see you tonight. Brandon, I hope you step on a plug and you've run out of strepsils.” Ouch. The group have two days to be ready to play the O2 Arena in London on Friday (November 16).

The Killers Pay Homage To The Late Andy Williams On Stage

Andy Williams The Killers Brandon Flowers

The Killers paid tribute to legendary crooner Andy Williams during a concert on Wednesday night (September 26th) by performing a rendition of his classic song Moon River. The band took to the stage at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles just a day after the veteran entertainer had sadly passed away at the age of 84 following a year-long battle with bladder cancer and, in a nod to the late star, frontman Brandon Flowers serenaded the crowd with the band's own take on the Oscar-winning song.

This isn't the first time that the Mr. Brightside hit makers had performed the seminal Williams track; indeed they first played it last year at London's Hard Rock Calling festival, but it took on a special reverence last night in the wake of the passing of one of the most recognisable voices in music. Williams had been allowed home to Branson, where he'd lived for many years, by doctors in July, so that he could be allowed to spend his final days in familiar surroundings.

The star was at his commercial peak in the 50s and 60s when, in addition to his singing career, he also enjoyed a slot on American TV between 1959 and 1971 where he hosted a weekly variety show.

Brandon Flowers, Flamingo Album Review

Brandon Flowers' 'Flamingo' is an valiant albeit predictable debut solo album, which at times, is on par with much of the material his band have released in recent years. 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas', is an ostentatious homage to Sin City - but masquerading as an anthemic opener, the track never quite escapes the shackles of its often clichéd lyrics, Flowers sings, 'Didn't nobody tell you, the house will always win, Las Vegas'. But, there's much to enjoy of what follows, particularly 'Only The Young', a tight toe-tapping affair that will no doubt become etched upon the radio listener's consciousness - whether they like it or not - should it be released as a single in the near future.

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