Brandon Flowers is ''sick'' of artists ''stealing'' other people's music.

The Killers frontman backs the recent court ruling that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke should pay royalties from 'Blurred Lines' to Marvin Gaye's estate because he thinks plagiarism is rife in the music industry and more people should be punished.

He said: ''I agree 150 per cent [on the ruling]. There are so many bands who should get sued.

''I'm so sick of hearing people steal. I hate it.

''I hear it all the time but I'm not gonna tell you which bands. I won't, because I don't wanna start a whole thing.''

The 'Human' hitmaker worries people don't think he is cool enough to be a rock star.

He said: ''You want your rock star to be messed up? I got nothing for you. Even the greatest storytellers have something.

''Johnny Cash picked cotton, his brother died, his dad was cruel to him. He was legit. I check none of those boxes.''

And Brandon despises that people ''worship'' celebrities that are ''not nice''.

He told NME magazine: ''I know a person immediately. I see it in people's faces. The celebrities people worship aren't nice. They're fake.

''Even when I was little, I would have known that.

''It blows my mind that people don't know their heroes are bad... I'm afraid to say anybody's name.''