The fabled `Curse of The Dragon' which fans believe claimed the lives of martial arts father and son BRUCE and Brandon Lee has dogged the family for centuries, according to a top Hollywood medium. Victoria Bullis has contacted movie icon Bruce Lee from beyond the grave for her column in US magazine Stuff and insists the famous curse claimed his life and that of his son. She reveals, "The curse is from another lifetime, when they were both Chinese warlords. They came down from Mongolia and wiped out a lot of Eastern Europe in the 10th century. "They were murderers. Brandon was part of this, but Bruce was at the head of it. "Shamans put a curse on them and their heirs forevermore... Brandon is asking me not to say a lot about this because his mother will probably read it and be hurt." Meanwhile, Bullis also reveals that Bruce Lee has formed a heavenly alliance with dead tough guys Lee Marvin and Steve McQueen. She adds, "They're all up there together."