Results Show Brant Daugherty is currently enjoying success on the television show 'Dancing with the Stars'.

However celebrations were short lived when he was robbed at gunpoint after the show outside his home (Sept 23rd).

The 'Pretty Little Liars' star told Access Hollywood "I was robbed at gunpoint right outside of my apartment building last Monday, actually after the show".

He added "[I was] walking up to the courtyard of my building, a man came by me with a gun, He said, 'Give me the bags'. and then he showed me his gun and told me he would shoot me if I didn't give him the bags".

The man has not yet been caught and police say they haven't got a report like this in his "very safe neighbourhood" before which suggests Daugherty was targeted by the mugger.

The attack has obviously distracted him from progressing in the competition as he said, "It got my head out of the game, it was a distraction and I was really trying to focus but it was an overwhelming time".

Although the attack was a traumatic experience, the 28 year-old still maintains a good sense of humour as he told The Hollywood Gossip, "somewhere out there there's a dancing thief with great teeth".

He continued "We like to joke that we changed his life. When he got my dance shoes he swore away his life of crime and he's going to start doing the salsa now".

Only if it was that easy to stop criminals!

Daugherty is currently on season 17 of 'Dancing with the Stars' that airs Monday night's on ABC at 8pm ET.

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Can Brant Daugherty regain his compsure for the rest of the competition?