Former sniper Justin Patterson spent five years in Iraq and two in Afghanistan, earning four Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts. In 2008, a vehicle he was travelling in was hit by a roadside bomb, leaving him with a brain injury.

Patterson now works with the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids servicemen and women who have been hurt in battle, and during an event last month (May15), Patterson met Gilbert for the first time at a motorcycle charity ride.

The veteran tells local Houston, Texas news station KHOU that he didn't know Gilbert was a country star but he was impressed by his commitment to the cause.

Patterson says, "I get goosebumps just talking about it. But there's just not enough help out there. You know, for this guy to take time out of his tour and put his two cents in went a long way."

In video footage captured at the event, Patterson tells Gilbert, "What you are doing for us, you have no idea what that's doing for us soldiers. I don't know any other way to thank you."

Gilbert replies, "This thing means the world to me," adding he has made a lifelong friend.