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Breed 77
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Breed 77 Alive Single

The recent pairing of Breed 77 and metal legends Fear Factory would appear to some to be a strange choice, and this single retains all the melodic characteristics of Breed 77 that would tend to reinforce this strangeness.

Claiming to retain the 'trademark' Latino tinged crossover sound, single cut Alive does this with aplomb. The characteristically dark production that is associated with Ron Saint-Germain (he of Tool and Soundgarden fame) doesn't actually suit Breed 77s sound that well though, like trying to mix oil and water – you just get a swirling mix of two influences with a lack of coherence.

Second track 'Apathy' redresses the balance a little, a tight riff-erama that brings classic Maiden to mind. 'Steal a Moment' is a more sensitive affair at first, but acoustic tenderness has to make space for driving rock choruses in the end.

Overall it seems that Breed 77 need a little bit of a lighter touch in the production department, since at the moment this falls short of its true potential.

Richard Edge

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