Brendan Fraser thinks people struggling with mental health issues should be given more support.

The 53-year-old actor plays an extremely obese man trying to reconnect with his daughter in his new movie 'The Whale', and Brendan believes that more support needs to be given to people who are dealing with mental health problems.

Speaking to Sky News, Brendan added: "I think we could do well also to change the patterns of speech that we use when we refer to people who live with obesity. I think that would help."

Brendan wore heavy prosthetics and make-up for his latest role. But the Hollywood star insisted that wasn't the biggest challenge of making the movie.

Brendan - who stars in the film alongside Sadie Sink, Hong Chau, Samantha Morton, and Ty Simpkins - said: "The biggest challenge wasn't wearing the make-up and wardrobe so much as it was performing with an ensemble cast who were wonderful, for Darren [Aronofsky, the director], and telling a story of tolerance, all shot in a time of COVID, so we all know what it was like to live under those conditions. But it's a film about love, at the end of the day."

Meanwhile, Brendan recently revealed that he had an "existential feeling" while shooting 'The Whale'.

The actor relished the experience of working with the acclaimed director and he still has vivid memories of the shoot.

He shared: "We could have done it as an Off-Broadway play, which would make sense because it was a play adapted to the screenplay by Sam Hunter.

"So we knew our part and we knew how to play the music before we arrived on the set itself and in an environment as confined apartment as it is - a two-bedroom apartment somewhere in Idaho where Charlie lives - it was kind of like a submarine crew in there.

"But we were cohesive and let's not forget we shot this during the time of COVID with protocols and restrictions in place and the very existential feeling that we all felt is 'Will there be a tomorrow?' in essence."