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5th December 2012

Fact: Sean Bean has stepped in to replace Brendan Fraser as the star of new U.S. Tv drama Legends. Fraser exited the project last month (Nov12) due to creative differences.

5th June 2012

Fact: Pop star Ashlee Simpson has joined Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Elijah Wood and DJ Qualls in new movie Pawn Shop Chronicles, a dark comedy about the search for a missing wife.

1st October 2010

Fact: The Mummy star Brendan Fraser will be showing off his crafty skills when he becomes lifestyle queen Martha Stewart's special guest for her annual Tricks & Treats Halloween TV special in America on 10 October (10).

13th September 2010

Fact: Michael Caine is to journey to the centre of the earth as the star of the sequel to Brendan Fraser's 2008 3D film. Dwayne Johnson will replace Fraser in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Caine will play a grandfather role. Shooting begins next month (Oct10) in Hawaii.

29th April 2010

Quote: "I had the gag reel from the film with every take of me being humiliated and smashed and trashed. So I'd use it as a reward to get my kids to eat their vegetables. I'd be like, 'Eat your broccoli and you can watch dad fall down again.'" Brendan Fraser uses his movie outtakes to coax his kids into eating healthily.

24th January 2009

Fact: Before he became an actor Brendan Fraser tried out jobs as a paper boy, valet, bus boy and balloon toy expert.

24th January 2009

Quote: "We just had a pizza party. We sat around on the couch and sorta ate pizza, watched SPONGEBOB (SQUARE PANTS), scratched ourselves." Brendan Fraser on how he celebrated his 40th birthday last month (Dec08) with his three young sons.

21st July 2008

Quote: "She let everybody stand out in the parking lot with her Oscar. The drivers were out there getting their pictures taken with her award and she just said, 'Oh, just put it back when you're done.'" Brendan Fraser on working with his The Mummy: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR co-star and Academy Award winner Helen Mirren.

21st July 2008

Quote: "Dad thought I might get a job as a weathercaster at the local TV station." Brendan Fraser insists his father never had faith in his acting career.

10th July 2008

Quote: "I've been told that I have this unusual ability to believe that there are objects in a room that really are not there." Brendan Fraser insists his vivid imagination gives him the edge in `green-screen' scenes for action adventures like The Mummy and new film JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

29th January 2008

Fact: Actor Brendan Fraser will pick up the Distinguished Decade Of Achievement In Film Award at the movie industry's ShoWest Convention in Las Vegas in March (08).

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