Author Bret Easton Ellis has voiced his distaste for this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Alice Munro, who most recently penned Dear Life; a collection of short stories. Taking to Twitter, the celebrated author penned a tirade against Munro's six decade-spanning career.

Bret Easton Ellis & Co.
Bret Easton Ellis [Second From Right] Has Voiced His Distaste For Alice Munro's Writing.

"Alice Munro is so completely overrated," he wrote. "Alice Munro was always an overrated writer and now that she's won the Nobel she always will be. The Nobel is a joke and has been for ages." Christian Lorentzen, who savagely reviewed Munro's last collection, replied to Easton Ellis' tweet with a simple "Amen." In a twist, Lorentzen placed a bet that Munro would win and has apparently reaped rewards to the tune of £400, reports The Independent.

However, the 82 year-old Canadian's victory was welcomed by many, including Margaret Atwood, As Byatt and Jeffrey Eugenides. Munro was not present at the Stockholm ceremony because she said that she truly did not expect to win. It was "one of those pipe dreams" that "might happen, but it probably wouldn't" she explained.

The author, who lost her husband in April this year said, "I had forgotten about it all, of course. It just seems impossible. A splendid thing to happen...My stories have gotten around quite remarkably for short stories." She also said that she wanted her stories to have a long-lasting effect upon peoples' perceptions of what a short story is: "I would really hope that this would make people see the short story as an important art, not something you play around with until you got a novel written."

Some of her most well-known works include The Lives of Girls and Women and The Bear Came Over the Mountain. Her Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship has been adapted to film, starring Kristen Wiig and has premiered at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Those who follow Easton Ellis are well aware of his propensity for incendiary commentary. He described recent smash-hit space thriller Gravity as "totally boring," said that reality TV singing contest The Voice has "probably the most emotionally stirring and suspenseful episodes on television right now," and he described his rival David Foster Wallace as "the most tedious, overrated, tortured, pretentious writer of my generation."

Reckon someone's sucking on sour grapes?