As if emphatic reviews weren't enough to propel Alfonso Cuarón's heart-racing 3D space thriller, Gravity, to the top of the box office charts, now celebrities are doing their bit to provide the movie with some publicity by telling all their followers how out-of-this-world is really is.

Gravity George Clooney Sandra Bullock
'Gravity' Has Garnered Rave Reviews Internationally.

Gravity has been released in the UK today much later than its US release which means our American friends have been driving us crazy telling us how stupendously awesome the movie is whilst we crossed off the days on our calendar until we could find out for ourselves.

However, those lucky enough to be friends with celebrated scientist and TV star Professor Brian Cox were invited to a special screening of Gravity last night held in London's Mayfair. Guests, including fellow celebrities and scientists, were treated to an early showing of the movie so they could rave about it a whole day before the rest of the British public.

Gravity Movie
The Movie Stunned Celebrities At Last Night's London Screening.

Guests included stars such as Jamie Oliver, Tim Minchin, John Culshaw, Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Llewellyn as well as a gathering of space experts from the UK Space Agency who arrived for an exclusive screening.

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The movie stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as two astronauts who are carrying out routine maintenance on their craft when disaster strikes. A meteor shower rips through their shuttle and sends the pair on a satellite-hopping mission through space to try to get back to Earth safely. The movie's riches lie in its elegantly shot space vistas and its exploitation of high definition 3D camerawork that make the viewer feel as though they are floating and bouncing in orbit with our heroes.

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Cox, who introduced the screening along with VFX supervisor Tim Webber, tweeted his excitement for the movie. "It's bloody awesome. Einstein would've loved it :)" he wrote, giving the movie a scientists' thumbs up. Cox's wife, Gia Milinovich was equally impressed: "It's one of the most physically engaging cinema experiences I've ever had. Exhilarating, life-affirming and exhausting."

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Comedienne Katy Brand tweeted "Thank you @giagia and @ProfBrianCox for showing me the astonishing #GravityMovie this evening. May not speak for a while." Robert Llewellyn echoed the experiences of many when he described the movie's eerie ability to suck the viewer in. He tweeted "I'll say this. #Gravity is a damn fine film. OMG. I'm harrowed, I'm spinning, oxygen at 2%.."

Gravity Sandra Bullock
The Movie Has Earned A Thumbs Up From The Scientific Community.

Space experts present at the screening included plenty of high ranking scientists and engineers such as Chief Executive David Parker and Professor Richard Crowther, Sir Martin Sweeting OBE, Executive Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), David Southwood. Dr Adam Rutherford cheekily tweeted "Apologies to the bbc who employ me but #GravityMovie F**K yes, out of this world, yes."

Since its Venice Film Festival a few months ago, Gravity has swept around the world earning rave reviews and claims that it just may be the film of the year. Whilst it may jostle for space at the Oscars with the countless other awe-inspiring films we've been spoilt with in 2013, Gravity is like nothing we've experienced before and the closest most of us will ever get to venturing into the depths of the universe.