British pop singer Brian Harvey had a bizarre clash with police and electricity workers outside his home after officers attended the property to monitor the enforcement of a warrant.
The former East 17 star was ordered by a court to have a pre-paid electricity meter fitted at his London house after refusing to settle a utility bill because it was in the 'wrong' name.
But he was stunned when cops arrived alongside engineers to ensure there was no breach of the peace - so he filmed the entire encounter, claiming it's evidence Britain is becoming a police state.
In the seven-minute clip, posted online, Harvey remonstrates with officials from the electricity company, claiming the warrant to enforce the installation of a pre-paid meter was obtained "illegally".
As at least three officers stand guard outside his home while the device is fitted, Harvey says into the camera, "Just to let everyone know, the police are now enforcing civil matters. Southern Electric are in my house now, fitting a pre-paid meter unlawfully."
Once the workmen are finished, they leave the scene as Harvey tells them: "Dogs, mate - the lot of you. Dogs. And there's the police enforcing it. Unbelievable... communist China springs to mind. Police state."