AC/DC star Brian Johnson is thrilled to hear his group's rock music is helping US and British troops terrorise enemies around the globe.

The heavy rock band's music is a favourite of soldiers stationed in Iraq and other trouble spots - and he's delighted to hear it's often used to punish the opposition.

He says, "Back when the (US) Army had (GENERAL MANUEL) NORIEGA surrounded (in Panama), they used our music to drive him f**king nuts.

"More recently, they used it to disorient a group of insurgents in Baghdad, like some crazy weapon of deaf and destruction."

And Johnson has also heard how songs like HELL'S BELLS and BACK IN BLACK are used to locate lost troops.

He adds, "In Somalia, this helicopter pilot was in prison with a broken spine, and his squad couldn't find him. But they knew he was a fanatic for Hell's Bells, so to locate him they flew down blaring it from their 'copter.

"He heard it and dragged himself to a window to signal them."

13/12/2004 03:13