Brian May and Roger Taylor believe Adam Lambert would have got ''along really well'' with Freddie Mercury.

The remaining Queen members have been performing with the 'American Idol' contestant for the past four years, and told him they think he would have been pals with original frontman Freddie Mercury if he hadn't passed away in 1991, as Adam shares a similar sense of humour with the late 'Bohemian Rhapsody' singer.

Adam told BANG Showbiz: ''They said to me, 'You guys would actually get along really well, your sense of humour is similar, you'd get a kick out of each other.'''

The 33-year-old musician - who released his third studio album 'The Original High' this week - also revealed he thinks he gets on with the two rockers so well because they are so accepting of his lifestyle, because it is similar to Freddie's.

When asked if he took Brian and Roger to any gay clubs during their time on the road, he said: ''We didn't go to any gay clubs, but I will say that I think if we had been somewhere where the only option had been a gay club, I think they'd be game. Obviously, they knew Freddie, they worked with Freddie, and it wasn't an issue for them at all, his lifestyle, his choice, that was Freddie. And they told me a lot of stories about him and he sounds like he was a lot of fun.''

And while he confessed the majority of their time together was spent speaking about British politics, the 'Ghost Town' singer added the musicians helped him to realise the importance of making the most of his life.

He explained: ''I think without directly giving me advice, I think they kind of showed me to think big picture and not worry about all the little small things as much, and to really make sure I'm enjoying it as I'm doing it, because life is short.''