In his latest move to protect Britain's badgers in the face of a potentially devastating cull, Queen guitarist Brian May has teamed up with singer and friend Kerry Ellis to raise funds to pay for tuberculosis vaccinations. May has been a long-time opponent of the badger cull, which was initiated to prevent the spread of bovine TB in farms.

Brian May Badger
Ellis & May Performed An Expressive Cover Of McKenna's Song To Raise Awareness Of The Plight Of The Badgers.

'Nothing Really Has Changed' is a version of Virginia McKenna's original and was performed by Ellis and May at the recent Montreux Jazz Festival as part of their 'Acoustic By Candlelight' tour. Brian introduced the new song with a message from his heart: "I'm going to show you a little video with this song just to remind you that we too have wild animals all around us perhaps need a little respect."

The pair wore black as if in mourning to the badgers already killed, and sat together on a stage festooned with twinkling lights and candles as a slideshow of badger clips and images was projected behind them. The video of their performance was released for fans to view online and the song is now available to buy on iTunes, with proceeds going to the 'Sponsor Badger Vaccination Fund.'

Ellis and May met at a festival some years ago and bonded over their mutual passion for animal rights and were united in their support for McKenna's BORN FREE foundation which fights for the protection of the world's wildlife. May spoke about his passion to help in the plight of the badgers, saying "The so-called trials are going ahead despite fierce public opinion, under conditions of secrecy - nobody is allowed in the areas of the cull, and no photographs may be taken - and with absolutely no form of public accountability," via Broadway World.

Listen To Brian May & Kerry Ellis' version Of 'Nothing Really Has Changed':

"The Government continues to ignore the whole scientific community, and the view of the public. The cull is a disaster as was predicted; it was never on the cards that culling could eradicate bTB - only vaccination can do that. Nobody benefits - certainly not The Farmers, or the taxpayer. The Government has plunged, blinkered into this mess. So, after all this, what will have changed ?" he added, echoing the views of a great proportion of the nation.

The guitarist also spoke of his and Ellis' exclusive performance at Montreux: "We performed it on tour with a background of badger rescuees, and it perfectly conveys the sadness of the pointless and barbaric killing of these highly intelligent native animals."

Campaigner Virginia McKenna voiced her support for the motion to halt the culling of badgers in England and Wales, commenting "Once it has gone you can never put nature back, and badgers will not be the only losers."

Those wishing to donate to the badger vaccination fund can follow the link here.