The Queen star's project, One Night in Hell, will be shown at Californian theme park Universal Studios during the annual Halloween Horror Nights.

Visitors will be able to see Brian's six-minute film as they wait to enter mazes inspired by TV show The Walking Dead and movie This Is the End.

The clip showcases Brian's collection of Diableries cards, which feature images of spooky skeletons.

He tells, "It's just kind of a life's work, a labour of love for me. Because I've been collecting those cards for 40 years... This is something quite deep with me."

Brian goes on to reveal he is hoping to turn the short into a full length film: "We're working on a full-length version right now... This is going to develop into a feature film and we're pretty well on with it; we have a script and everything... It's not a conventional horror film at all... It's not out to shock you; it's out to intrigue you... I will be doing the score, and that's a real challenge."

Brian hopes his film will be ready for release in 2017.

He also cites celebrated director Martin Scorsese as his Hollywood inspiration, adding, "I have many heroes in the film business, for sure. Did you see Hugo? To me, the magic that was in that is pretty close to what I would love. So (Scorsese) a hero of mine."