Brain May, the legendary guitarist from the equally legendary rock band Queen, has revealed that he may have been used by producers of 'American Idol' in order to undermine the potential of one of the contestants. In an entry on his personal blog on Thursday, May explained how on Tuesday night's show, his encounter with the contestant Ace Young was entirely misrepresented. 

Brian May maintains that his conversation was edited to sound more negative.
Brian May maintains that his conversation was edited to sound more negative.

As part of the show, a conversation between May and Young was recorded, but according to May, "it was edited in such a way that it looked as if I was purely negative." Furthermore, May suggests that his thoughts and comments were made at a completely different time. As part of the editing process, the section appeared to show the two discussing the new composition of 'We Will Rock You', "after we had played together, which was not the way it happened, making me look like I was against the whole thing."

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According to Ma, the conversation actually took place ahead of the performance while the two were discussing a demo that May played to Young, showcasing what the performance could potentially be.  "We then discussed how we could improve his ideas and ... came up with a kind of mixture of his thoughts and ours, which was the basis for the arrangement that you saw the house band play on the night! It was actually pretty damn good, I thought."

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By the end of the episode in question, Ace Young found himself in the bottom three contestants on the show, and was forced to sing again to keep his place. Young barely made it into the Top 7, but with this display from the show's editors, it appears that his days are numbered.