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Nobody in this world can judge Brian. Everyone of us is a sinner, so don't treat him like he is the worst man ever. I know God loves him and I always pray for him.

Posted 9 years 3 months ago by Janel Alvez Sab...

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Brian McFadden is wonderful, he writes his own songs and is superb as a singer. Much better since he went solo.Have loved his 2 C.D.'s and looking forward to his 3rd soon.Wish people would leave his personal life alone, he has done nothing wrong. Katona chucked him out in Sep. 2004 and he met Delta Dec. 2004 (after both their partners cheated on them)Looking forward to their wedding 2010.

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by firstladylynn

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May u read your bibble on MATHEW 6:33 N 2COR 1:6,Bry?I'll pray for u..........Then tell me.....i'll wait for your [email protected]

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by wida

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what a top bloke!! you cant knock him hes a great dad and as for is x wife pissed up on tv!! shes no mother and what goes around comes around i say!!!time to take over the kids bri!!!

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by kevster

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Brian McFadden never said about having children was like having the responsibility of having dogs, it was the British media. Brian is a talented singer and song writer and marriages split up all the time. No one knows the proper story and people should leave him alone. I doubt if any man could live with Kerry for long periods of time with all her mood swings and taking class A drugs and alcohol and having an affair with Robbie Williams (which was in the newspapers in 2004)

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by firstladylynn

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I cant believe how much of an areshole brian is, he says he was to young to know what he was doing when he had kids well he should of used protection like all young kids get told. And to say having kids is like 'getting a new dog' is unbelieveable. How anyone can say that is beyond me. While he was married to kerry all you saw was love and affection from them both so how the hell can he say it was for the money i dont know. If he wasnt in westlife he wouldnt of been anything a nothing, just like he is now. Kerry is so much better off without him.

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by emstar

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I think people have WRONG IDEA about that quote "having kids was like getting a dog". The NEXT part of the quote he says they were too young and didnt realise the responsibility of children. Hence "like getting a dog" I'll always admire Brian for NOT running away from Kerry when she was pregnant like so many famous and indeed Non-famous young fathers do. Ive seen Brian with his girls in person and he definately loves them.Was this interview correctly printed anyway???The time I saw Bri with his girls; in the newspaper Kerry said then that Brian hadnt seen them for months!!!

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by put that pic away

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what a bastard! If he did not like his ex-wife...thats OK, it happens. But to say having kids with her was like getting a dog, shows just what a grade A *sshole he is. I hope his kids end up hating his guts and he remembers what he said when he is old, sick and alone. What a jerk!!

Posted 16 years 2 months ago by Sheighla

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Brian is totally the most awsomest guy in the whole world!! I love him so much an I think he has the best voice eva. I listen to his cd all the time and turn the volume up on the westlife cd's when hes sings, he had the best voice out of all of 'em. We recently got the dvd of westlife - Greatest hits an i lov it heaps, i lov it wen brian comes on of course!!! in fact im looken at a pic of him rite now its so kewl. MMMM anyway got 2 go lov Ashlee oxoxoxoxox :-)

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by xoxAsHxox

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