Brian McFadden misses sausages and football.

The former Westlife singer - who moved to Australia in 2006 to be with ex-fiancée Delta Goodrem - misses UK culture and is looking forward to moving back to Ireland to be closer to his daughters.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I miss Sausages. The sausages in Australia are f***ing disgusting. I've never had a good sausage in Australia, ever, and the first thing I do as soon as I get back is a proper British and Irish sausage. Miss them.

''I do miss is football. Even though we watch it in Australia I miss the banter over in the UK. In Australia we don't have that culture of sitting in a pub on a Saturday watching the football and having a pint.''

Brian only gets to see his two daughter Molly, 11, and Lily-Sue, 10- with ex-wife Kerry Katona - twice a year in their school holidays. However, he hopes to rekindle his career in the UK in order to be closer to them.

He said: ''I'd like by the end of this year to be able to maintain my career here again.

''I would like to have a little success here to be able to be close to my girls and be close to my family and friends again and be able to work closer to home would be nice.''

Brian's fourth album, 'The Irish Connection' - which sees him perform a number of Irish folk songs - as well as duets with Ronan Keating and Sinead O'connor - will be available from March 4.