Soul star Brian McKnight fears his next motorcycle ride could be his last after witnessing the worst that can happen on high speed racing.

The singer, who owns six powerful motorbikes, admits he'll never forget one accident he witnessed - and he thinks about every time he puts his leathers on.

He says, "I seen a guy run into a telephone pole and lose his leg. We watched him crawl around and look for it.

"Before the helicopters could get up in the canyon to rescue him, he bled to death."

McKnight has also been involved in scrapes. He once hosted an awards show still suffering from concussion after a fall.

He reveals, "The day I was supposed to host the LADY OF SOUL AWARDS I got in a bad wreck and suffered an awful concussion.

"I was really light-headed throughout the whole show. I don't think I messed anything up, though."

16/06/2003 09:06