In the words of Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin "behind every great man is a great woman", but in this case it's more likely that behind the song there's a great combination of great, unrecognised musicians too.

The Wrecking Crew
George Harrison with session guitarist Joe Osborn from The Wrecking Crew

It is that concept that a new documentary The Wrecking Crew focuses on as it takes a look at the self-contained world of LA all-star session musicians that were behind each Grammy-award winning "Record of the Year" hit for six consecutive years during the 1960s - 1970s.

Directed by Denny Tedesco, son of the late Wrecking Crew guitarist Tommy Tedesco, this sneak peek into the world of superhuman musical talent started out in 1995 as a tribute to his father after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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But this homage suddenly took on a life of its own as Denny realized the true scale of talent that he was acknowledging. Drummer Earl Palmer said: "We’d do an album a day for five or six weeks at a time. Six tunes in the morning, six tunes in the evening."

The Wrecking Crew played on numerous hits for big stars including Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, the Monkees, the Beach Boys and Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound stable.

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The documentary interviews a number of members - bassist Carol Kaye, Saxophonist Plas Johnson and guitarist Glen Campbell - and recording artists who benefited from them – Brian Wilson, Roger McGuinn and Cher.

The film is being released by Magnolia Pictures in limited cinemas across America in March and it will then be available to buy on DVD.

For a look at a clip of the documentary, click here.