Actress Bridget Moynahan has threatened to sue a photographer in a bid to prevent him from exhibiting nude shots he took of her over a decade ago.

The I, Robot star, who is the mother of American football hero Tom Brady's first child, posed naked for James Pemberton when they were dating in 2000 and she was on the verge of stardom after landing a role in Coyote Ugly.

Pemberton, 52, shot hundreds of racy photos of Moynahan over the course of their three-year romance, and stunned the actress recently when he alerted her to his plans to display the candid snaps.

In a threatening letter to Pemberton, obtained by the New York Post, her attorney claims his client asked that all the photos taken of her be destroyed when she and the snapper split.

He writes, "Ms. Moynahan... has spent her career making sure she did not do images like the photos for any public use/release, and even turned down movies with gratuitous nudity because she always had her family in mind. The private photos of her taken during the course of your romantic relationship were intended solely for her and your private personal review.

"Irrespective of any rights to privately personally look at the photos yourself... our client certainly never legally consented to the public use of her image and name."

Pemberton tells the Post, "This was part of our life. It was a documentary of our life then."

He claims he reached out to his ex last year (13) and sent her 100 shots from his 1,100 collection of candid Moynahan images in the hopes that she'd sign off on his plans to ­exhibit them.

He recalls, "She thought they were beautiful."

But she allegedly asked him not to showcase them publicly and requested that he sign a contract confirming he was "going to restrict any use of these images".