Brie Bella revealed she and sister Nikki have been going through ''identical'' pregnancies.

The 36-year-old twins are both expecting new arrivals this summer, and Brie - who already has three-year-old daughter Birdie with her husband Daniel Bryan - admitted they have shared very similar experiences throughout their journeys.

Writing on Instagram, she said: ''This pregnancy has been a special one. To experience this with my sister during a time of uncertainty and turmoil has been a blessing.

''As Twins I kept wondering if our bodies were going to change the same or if we'd be different. It's crazy how identical our pregnancies have become... from cravings to symptoms.

''We are coming to the end of our pregnancy and this will be one I'll remember forever. Can't wait to meet her little boy and I can't wait to see what I'll be having.

''This pregnancy started as a surprise and I'm happy to end it as one.''

Both sisters shared a joint professional nude photo shoot on social media to show off their pregnancy figures.

Nikki - who is expecting her first child with fiance Artem Chigvintsev - said she ''felt the lioness'' coming out, and she was delighted to share this with her sibling.

She wrote: ''I have embraced the feeling of being uncomfortable knowing I am growing a life that will be one of my own.

''I have already felt the lioness in me come out even more knowing that I am ready to protect, teach, love and guide.

''And to go through all of this with my twin sister? Goodness I would say I am one lucky woman that God knew my timing of becoming a mom was divine.

''Can't wait to meet you little boy in 4 weeks.''

Meanwhile, Nikki previously admitted both twins are worried about what the future may hold in relation to the global health crisis.

She said: ''The uncertainty is just killing me because we're maybe having expectations of a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall. I feel like we're getting hit with a second wave right now, and then I'm like, okay, so is that a third wave in the fall? Are we just constantly gonna have these waves?''