Brie Bella feared her baby boy was going to be ''wild''.

The 36-year-old star gave birth to her son Buddy on August 1, but prior to his arrival, she was convinced he'd be an unruly kid.

Brie - who also has Birdie, three, with husband Daniel Bryan - told People magazine: ''Buddy loves kicking.

''I actually was really nervous, because everyone's like, 'If you have a good baby, you're going to have a really bad one.' I was like, 'Well, Birdie was so good. So here comes my wild one.' He's calmer than what Birdie was.''

In fact, Brie thinks that she and her sister Nikki - who gave birth to son Matteo on July 31 - are actually more ''wild'' than their kids.

She said: ''[Both babies] are calm and patient. We're the wild ones and very feisty.

''Our little boys don't have our personalities yet. Birdie does. Birdie is our mini.''

Meanwhile, Nikki recently admitted she'd cried ''so many happy tears'' since giving birth to her son.

The 'Total Bellas' star wrote on Instagram: ''Thank you all so much for understanding my maternity leave. I have taken in every single second with our baby boy. And will continue to do so. I have never cried so many happy tears in my life. God truly has blessed me in the most amazing way ever! The love, goodness, it's just indescribable.''

Nikki previously insisted she wasn't going to have children until her 40s - but her whole world ''changed'' when she got pregnant.

She said: ''I was thinking maybe early 40s.

''There was still so much I wanted to do, then it came into my life and, you know, I'm going to adjust and still work on my goals after he comes. Like, my world's changed. This is the focus.''