Brie Bella says she and Daniel Bryan are ''growing apart''.

The 36-year-old retired professional wrestler is currently expecting her second child with her husband Daniel - whose real name is Bryan Danielson - but has said the vastly different lives they lead has meant they often feel like ''single parents'' to their two-year-old daughter Birdie, as they don't get to spend much time as a couple.

Speaking in a preview clip for Thursday's (28.05.20) episode of 'Total Bellas', Brie tells her twin sister Nikki and their mother Kathy Colace: ''He and I both ... We don't have a lot of time together as a couple. At times we feel like single parents, when he comes back in town, I leave. We're kind of growing apart, we're not growing together.''

Nikki then asks her sister if she thinks she's ''meant to be'' with the 39-year-old WWE star, to which she admits she ''could be happier''.

She adds in the clip: ''I just think the one thing we've really lost is when you just spend that time together, the quiet time. I mean, I guess ... I know I could be happier. I know I could have a better marriage.

''He makes little comments here and there, like 'It used to be so simple, it used to be this and that', sometimes I'm like 'Why does he say that?' Sometimes I feel like he wishes I was still that girl he met eight years ago.''

The couple both ''want to work'' on their marriage and so planned a trip to Sedona, Arizona, to help them rebuild their romantic connection.

In a confessional, Brie said: ''In the last eight years, Bryan and I have just wanted different things than what we've both wanted together in the beginning. I think we really need to come up with some compromises, and I know that if I want my marriage to work, I have to go into Sedona so honest. I can't come back to Phoenix with any regrets.''