Brigitte Bardot hates feminism.

The estranged actress and singer has said she does not support the movement for female empowerment and is instead an advocate of male rights.

When asked if she considers herself to be a feminist, she told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''No. I hate feminism. I am a masculinist.''

The French star is one of the most iconic sex symbols of the 1950s, and was once described by the renowned philosopher Simone de Beauvoir as the ''locomotive of women's history'', despite her current stance.

When prompted to elaborate on her statement, she replied: ''I think women do what they want.''

The former model also spoke about her passion for animal rights, and expressed some strong views on eating animal meat, which she likened to consuming human flesh.

She said: ''To eat the flesh of animals is akin to cannibalism.

''A huge number of people are insensitive to the suffering of animals, for which they have a deep contempt.

''They consider them objects of profitability or meat on legs.''

The passionate star - who featured in the controversial 1957 film 'And God Created Woman' before retiring from entertainment in 1973 - concluded by saying she has little hope for the animals of the world because of the evil nature of mankind.

When questioned as to why she thought humans have such little compassion towards animals, she said: ''Because man has not evolved. He has stayed fundamentally cruel and barbaric, even if he thinks he has moved on.

''The industrialisation of the rearing and death of animals takes away all my hope of it every improving.''