The fallen glamour queen Brigitte Nielsen has been photographed appearing drunk and incapable in a Los Angeles park. The 49 year-old former model and actress was caught swigging from a bottle of Popov vodka and rolling round on the grass. At one point, according to New York Daily News, she fell asleep in a stupor on the grass. It seems that she may have been aware that people were watching her and taking photos, as the report states that "At times she hid her disheveled bleached-blond hair under a purple hat, seemingly trying to hide the bags under her eyes and harsh lines on her face."
One of the photos published by NY Daily News shows Nielsen spitting a mouthful of liquid onto the floor at Studio City park - not exactly the kind of behavior befitting of the "glamazon" who once appeared in 'Rocky IV' and 'Beverly Hills Cop II.' The photos seemed to have been taken in broad daylight and show the star at a low ebb. She has long suffered with addiction problems and a life in the limelight has ensured that everyone has known about it. She has featured in a number of reality TV shows, including 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew' which documented her struggle to recover from her alcohol addiction.
"I'm the kind of person who way overdoes everything," she has admitted in the past. She seemed to have conquered her struggle with addiction but these pictures certainly suggest that her demons may have reared their heads once more.