Brigitte Nielsen thinks HD video is “very powerful”.

The 59-year-old star has welcomed the rise of high-definition viewing because she thinks it makes movies look “more real”, citing the remastering of her own breakout movie ‘Red Sonja’ as to how effective the change can be.

Asked how she feels about the rise of HD video, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I think that everything is clearer. Clarity becomes power and becomes more real.

“You know, it's very powerful. It's very powerful. I think it's great that we have grown into something that looks amazing. So much better.

“And I think it's good for ‘Red Sonja’. And I think it's good for a lot of projects out there. I'm very happy for it.

“Everything magnifies with a good picture.”

Brigitte – who has five children - became a household name when she was cast in the lead role in ‘Red Sonja’ in 1985 and she admitted she had no idea what a big deal it was at the time.

She said: “I had just given birth. And I was living in Denmark. And Dino De Laurentiis had seen a picture of me and said, she looks just like a ‘Red Sonja’.

“I was flown in, taken out of my comfort zone and middle Denmark, and given the script and said, ‘Come down’. And to my shock, and my surprise, I was chosen.

“But when I said yes I didn't understand the magnitude of what I had said yes to. A new world, a new chapter in my life opened up when I was chosen and I had no idea. So I had a fantastic time, it was great was a great experience. And it was fantastic. It was a great, great time in my life.”