Larger-than-life Danish star Brigitte Nielsen and Public Enemy hypeman Flavor Flav made enemies of each other on the first day of filming reality show The Surreal Life when she challenged the rapper for talking over her.

Nielsen agreed to take part in the third season of the celebrity BIG BROTHER show, but insisted on being the boss of the six contestants upon her arrival.

And when Flavor Flav, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON, refused to let her touch his gold teeth, the two started fighting.

Nielsen, who had turned up at the Surreal Life house on horseback, told the rapper, "When I speak, you have to shut up."

Then, when Flav suggested a huge bed was just Nielsen's size, she snapped, "Don't you ever measure a bed to my size."

The odd couple later slapped each other during a row over Flav's rudeness.

Nielsen further made her mark on the first episode of the new show by baring her breasts and walking around the house topless, wearing only a G-string. Then she staggered around the house after a drinking session, and fell over luggage.

She said, "I love to be naked all the time. That's the European way."

Fellow contestant Jordan Knight, formerly of New Kids On The Block, admits he was terrified of Nielsen when she arrived.

He says, "When I first met Brigitte she scared me a little bit."

The third season of The Surreal Life, which also features cabaret star Charo, TV presenter Dave Coulier and former American Idol contestant RYAN STARR, debuted in America last night (05SEP04).

06/09/2004 21:07