Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing With The Stars took on sinister undertones last week when a parcel was delivered to the daughter of Presidential candidate running mate Sarah Palin containing a mysterious substance and also a note. The note threatened that Palin should leave the show or else something untoward may happen and according to TMZ, it's a threat that's being taken seriously.

Both the FBI and the LAPD have launched an investigation into the package, which contains a white powdery substance. It was sent to CBS last Wednesday (October 3rd). Thankfully, initial tests have shown that it isn't a harmful substance, but nevertheless the appearance of such a package is odd given that a similar one was sent to CBS containing a threat about the celebrity.

This issue caps what's been a relatively negative experience for Palin on her second run with the reality contest. Teaming with Mark Ballas in 2010, the she managed to gain third place in the show. This time round however the pair have struggled and, as has been widely reported, their dance last week saw them earn a miserable 18 points. Somehow they managed to avoid the bottom two though and live to fight another day; it's understandable though that they might perhaps have more serious matters on their minds.