After her elimination on last weeks episode, Bristol Palin is still at the centre of the attention for the show after it was revealed that a mysterious packed, described only as a kind of 'white powder' was delivered to the TV personality on the show.

A FBI sources confirmed with The Hollywood Reporter that it's agents have responded to the report of a suspicious package that has been sent to the CBS Studios set where 'Dancing With The Stars' is filmed. According to the federal report, a number have tests have been performed on the substance and indicated that the substance in question was innocuous, with further tests still underway to determine who sent the mystery package.<.>

According to TMZ, the substance was not all that was delivered to the set, as an anonymous letter was also sent along with the package that demanded that Bristol be removed from the show. Whilst it is hardly likely this was the reason for her dismissal from the show, with her less than remarkable last performance being the more likely reason for her being booted from the show.

The package, which was first reported about earlier this month, is the second time that Bristol has been targeted whilst being on the hit show.