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Having just watched the Brit awards I can only agree with the previous letter, you should feel ashamed of yourselves for letting this be seen on TV anywhere,as for the Osbournes you must really be scraping the barrel,I can only say thank God for Paul Mcartney but so sorry I had to sit through all the rest. ITV you have really helped lose the respect for the decencey of this Country and its artists. It seems yob rule has taken over what should have been an entertaining show.Very sad.

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by Gerry Williams

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Brit awards 2008Hey.. , and i would like to comment on how discusting this years brit awards were..Young people watch it, and it was a disgrace how singers they admire were performing DRUNK! and how the presenter (sharon osbourne) was swearing continuously.Most of the people won who have no talent (apart from Take that who are amazing :] ). They merely shout! without any band and instruments, they couldnt string a note together...People like Leona Lewis are talented! She sings AMAZING live. AND SHE DIDNT WIN AN AWARD!what is this world coming toIts a disgrace!!!People complain about young people getting drunkWhat has example has this set us! If famous people are allowed to do it on stage, then young people will think they are allowed to do it too!It's wrong!

Posted 13 years 2 weeks ago by README

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