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Comedian Simon Brodkin Claims 'Britain's Got Talent' Auditions Are Manipulated

Britain's Got Talent

Notorious prankster Simon Brodkin, also known under his comedian personality Lee Nelson, has claimed that the producers of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ manipulated acts auditioning for the show in order to fit an agenda, having infiltrated the process last month.

Brodkin posed as Orthodox Jewish rapper Steven Goldblatt on the show in January in order to get an insight into the auditioning process as part of a new Channel 4 documentary, according to a report by The Mirror on Monday (February 6th).

He secretly recorded what he went through during an eight-hour audition at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ which ended up with him receiving four ‘yes’ votes from the panel of judges, who include Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

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Collabro​ , Jamie Lambert - Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro perform live at the Royal Albert Hall at Royal Albert Hall, Britain's Got Talent - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 27th March 2016

Albert Hall, Collabro​ and Jamie Lambert

A Week In Movies: Hudson Wows New York, Planes And Pudsey Premiere, Plus New Trailers For Cave, Knightley And Witherspoon

Kate Hudson Zach Braff Dane Cook Ed Harris Britain's Got Talent David Walliams Nick Cave Keira Knightley Reese Witherspoon Maya Rudolph

Zach Braff & Kate Hudson at the Wish I Was Here premiere

A sleek and sexy Kate Hudson wowed the red carpet at the New York premiere of her new film Wish I Was Here. She was accompanied on the night by director-cowriter-star Zach Braff as well as costars Donald Faison, Ashley Greene and Joey King. The film is about a 35-year-old man trying to figure out his life, career and family. Look through the full premiere gallery here.

In Los Angeles, Dane Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen, Hal Holbrook, Erik Estrada and Brad Garrett were on hand for the premiere of their new animated film Planes: Fire & Rescue, which was held to benefit the L.A. Fire Department. Also in attendance were musicians Kesha, Ludacris and country singer Brad Paisley. Watch the trailer for Planes: Fire & Rescue here.

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Darcy Oake - Britain's Got Talent finalist Darcy Oake performs at G-A-Y nightclub on London Pride night - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 29th June 2014

Darcy Oake

Lucy Kay - Britain's Got Talent finalists outside the ITV studios filming This Morning - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 5th June 2014

Lucy Kay

Pudsey and Ashleigh - Britain's Got Talent 2012 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey are guests at the Caravan & Camping Show 2014 held at the NEC Birmingham - Birmingham, United Kingdom - Wednesday 19th February 2014

Pudsey and Ashleigh

Kym Marsh - Kym Marsh takes her daughter Emily Mae to audition for 'Britains Got Talent' in Manchester - Manchester, United Kingdom - Friday 7th February 2014

Kym Marsh

Alesha Dixon - Arrivals for the Cardiff round of auditions for Britain's Got Talent - Cardiff, United Kingdom - Thursday 23rd January 2014

Alesha Dixon

Britain's Got Talent: Most Watched Programme Of 2013 In 'Eggy' Final

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

Despite Simon Cowell being pelted with eggs by an incensed violist trying to make a stand against his grip on pop, Saturday night's Britain's Got Talent final was the most watched TV programme of the year so far, it has emerged.

In a show lasting two and a half hours, Saturday's final averaged 11.1 million viewers: an enormous 57% audience share, plus an extra million catching up after the show had aired on ITV+1.

ITV's talent contest enjoyed its highest ratings for years in a final that showcased a wide spectrum of talent, including opera brothers Richard and Adam, disabled comedian Jack Carroll and impressionist Francine Lewis.

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Britain’s Got Talent Egg Thrower Is ‘A Stupid Cow’ According To Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

She may not have got a single eggy molecule on her dress, but Amanda Holden is furious with Natalie Holt Britain’s Got Talent’s egg-wielding rebel. She labeled her a ‘stupid cow’ as the rest of her bandmates denounced her actions.

It seems some people have forgotten than throwing eggs is funny, and throwing eggs at someone like Simon Cowell is even funnier. But she didn’t just throw eggs at someone like Cowell, it was Cowell. Conclusion? Very, very funny. “During tonight’s show an incident took place during the finale of Richard and Adam’s performance,” said an official statement from the show. “Natalie Holt (age 30) was part of the backing group for their performance and as a result of her misguided actions the police were called. However, we have decided to take no further action at this stage.” Holt, too, seems to have forgotten how funny egg chucking is, and has said sorry for her actions. “I want to apologise to Richard and Adam for overshadowing their performance. I’ve never done anything like this before and in hindsight I have realised it was a silly thing to do.”

So Cowell took it well, Richard and Adam continued their performance in a professional manner, no action is being taken against Holt, and Holden still has a sour look on her face, and is calling people cow. Everything’s fine.

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Jennifer Lopez Slammed For Raunchy Outfit On Family Show [Video]

Jennifer Lopez Randy Jackson American Idol Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent Mariah Carey Keith Urban

Jennifer Lopez gave UK viewers of Simon Cowell's Britains Got Talent a real eyeful on Tuesday night, performing her new single 'Live It Up' while wearing a skimpy black leotard that barely covered her famous behind. Twitter immediately sprang into action, with some parents concerned about the "inappropriate" nature of her performance on what is considered a family show, with some young children actually performing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson for TV regualtor Ofcom said, "Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about the Britain's Got Talent broadcast last night, which we are assessing but not currently investigating." One viewer on Twitter said, "BGT does #jenniferlopez realise it's a family show - only thing missing was the pole - cover up your cheeks please!" though judge Simon Cowell was pretty happy with how things went, telling Lopez, "Seriously, J-Lo. If anyone wants to know how you do it. That's how you do it,' he said. "Seriously world class."

For what it's worth, Lopez herself seemed pretty oblivious to any concerns and happily posted an Instagram of the R&B star being held up by various dancers. "Thanks @GotTalent for a great night #liveitup," she added.

Watch Jennifer Lopez's Britain's Got Talent performance, courtest of Daily Motion.

Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up (Live Britain's Got... by JohnJLover

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BGT Finalists Aren't Shaken By Bruce Forsyth's Derogatory Comments

Bruce Forsyth Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell

Britain's Got Talent was blasted by telly host and national treasure Bruce Forsyth this week, with the veteran host commenting on the "damaging" effect appearing on the show could have on children. Despite his words, it seems as though some people involved in this years show have failed to acknowledge Brucie's point, saying they see no potentially harmful side-effects of appearing in the show.

Speaking on Richard Bacon's 5 Live show on Monday (May 27), Brucie said that although he admires the format of BGT, he could never approve of having young children take part. He told Bacon, "To put them on that time of the evening with millions watching, the great big theatre and the emotions - it could be disastrous for a child."

On Monday's live BGT show, Cowell addressed the comments himself, referring to Forsyth as "Mr Grumpy," which is very rich coming from Cowell. Speaking after the performances of young performers Youth Creation and Arisxandra Libantino, who is 11-years-old, he said, "If you've got it, you've got it, who cares how old you are? It was one of the best performances of the night and I'd like to dedicate this one to Bruce."

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Masterchefs: Britain's Got Talent Sandwich Makers Are, Well, Professionals

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

Producers of Britain's Got Talent have never let a silly old fact get in the way of a decent story, have they? Remember Richard and Adam Johnson from Saturday's show, who said they worked together in a sandwich shop before singing a note perfect rendition of The Impossible Dream? Simon Cowell scoffed: "So you're classical sandwich makers. This I'm looking forward to," obviously aware of the boys talent. Telegraph critic Michael Hogan said they "provided a mini-SuBo moment with their wholesome harmonising," while the audience gave the pair a standing ovation.

However, 22-year-old tenor Richard and baritone Adam, 19, do more than just making sandwiches in Wales. Infact, they're been forging a career in regional theatres and on cruise ships for two years. The pair were spotted by record producer Gordon Lorez, who had previously worked with Charlotte Church - it was him who dubbed the brothers the Panini Pavarottis. 

According to the Daily Mail, the duo have already released an album and are paid £200 a performance.  The singers' mother Mrs Johnson said Richard and Adam have been trying to sing professionally for a few years but worked in the family sandwich shop for money. "They just want to sing and that's what they've been concentrating on more and more. But they're not able to earn enough money from singing [...] so they're still involved. They last worked here two or three weeks ago for a couple of days," she said.

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Amanda Holden - Britain's Got Talent press launch held at the ICA - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 11th April 2013

Amanda Holden

Primetime Face-Off: The Voice Vs. Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent

The clash of the talent competition titans begins, as The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent are set to air during an overlapping timeslot this season.

Oh me, oh my, what will the viewers do, choose? The BBC has announced that this year, Britain’s Got Talent is set to air at 6.45, 15 minutes earlier than last season, because of ITV’s “spoiling tactics”. That still doesn’t clear up the situation, as there are still 80 minutes of overlap between the two talent competitions. In truth, there is nothing surprising about the BBC’s choice to change The Voice’s slot, or about ITV’s response. "Britain's Got Talent has started at 8pm for the last three years which enabled viewers to watch both shows, it's a shame they can't this year," an ITV insider commented. In turn, a BBC rep said: "ITV's move is disappointing because it's not in the best interests of viewers.”

Sounds a bit like a playground scuffle, but are the viewers really suffering here? By know everyone has heard of the magic of recording a show to watch later, right? ITV and BBC on the other hand, are about to have an epic face off, it would seem. With The Voice's ratings dropping for this season's opener (by a quarter, no less) the ratings battle might seal the competition's fate. So, which show, if any, will you be tuning in to watch?

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Popular Welsh Contestant Given The Boot On China's Got Talent

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent

A Welshman who became a surprise hit on the Chinese version of Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent show has revealed that he was unceremoniously stopped from going any further than the last 16 of the competition – despite being hugely popular with TV audiences.

Iain Inglis has lived in China since 2004 and speaks fluent Mandarin. Talking to Walesonline he explained the situation, commenting "As far as I knew, I was through to the final round.” However, the show bosses had other ideas: "But the day before I was due to perform, I got a phone call saying the Bureau of Broadcasting had said I wasn't able to go on.”

Oddly, there was no reason given for Inglis’ departure from the competition, with Inglis positing “perhaps they weren't very keen on having a foreigner singing songs about communism. Of course, I was very disappointed, but that's just how it is. I wasn't very surprised." The plus side for the performer is that he can now command fees of up to £5000, so popular was he on the show. There aren't many foreigners so it’s hard to go unnoticed," he said. "But when you have a tall, white foreigner from Wales who is singing songs about communism in Chinese – well, they seem to find it quite hilarious.”

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Simon Webbe - Judges leaving their hotel ahead of 'Britain's Got Talent' Birmingham United Kingdom Saturday 9th February 2013

Simon Webbe

100th Royal Variety Performance: David Walliams, One Direction, Girls Aloud And Pudsey The Dog

Queen Elizabeth II David Walliams One Direction Britain's Got Talent

Marking a very special year in the Royal Variety Performance, all manner of British and international stars showed up to perform in front of the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Not only is this 100th performance special in its own right, but of course it also coincides with the Queen's Jubilee year. A great year for the British monarchy! Making a very special appearance to amuse the Queen was a One Direction stalker. Although the stalker was arguably more turning up for 1D... and was also not a stalker, but David Walliams dressed in the garb of a teenage girl and spouting adoring words at the lads. "I've got a washing machine and I named it One Direction. You make me so happy." The Walliams Stalker said, "Was your song What Makes You Beautiful written about me? I love you so much. Will you marry me?" They said no.

Winners of this year's Britains Got Talent, Ashleigh and her dog Pudsey, were also there to perform for the Queen, reports the Mirror. "I will let the queen do the talking." Ashleigh said about the prospect of meeting the Queen, "If she wants to talk to me I will say something back and just make sure Pudsey is good as well."  Apparently, dog Pudsey is in the process of talks about starring in his own film, but for on the night he was simply content with a cheeseburger reward for all his hard efforts on the day. The whole of the performance will be aired on December 3rd on ITV. 

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