The Britney Spears vs. Sam Lufti trial got even deeper yesterday when the attorney representing Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, told jurors that they feared for her life during her meltdown, describing it as "battle for life and death."

The court case began mid-last week and by Friday (Oct 19) the courtroom in Los Angeles had heard the grounds for both sides of the trial, with the entire Spears clan being brought to court by the singer’s former manager and confidant Sam Lufti. Lutfi is seeking damages first from Britney, on the grounds that she allegedly refused to pay him 15 percent of her earnings as her purported manager, despite a verbal agreement the pair had. He is also seeking damages from Jamie Spears for alleged battery, with Lufti claiming that Papa Spears hit him in the stomach back in 2008; and Britney’s mother, LYNNE SPEARS, for defaming him in her 2008 book, Through the Storm.

The first snippet to come from the case that turned heads was that the Spears defence case pinpointed her 2002 break-up with newlywed Justin Timberlake as the catalyst for her downward spiral into mental instability, culminating with her public breakdown in 2007. Now, it has been revealed that by 2007 and on ‘til 2008 when it looked as though Spears was on the road to stability, the Spears clan actually feared for their daughter’s life and believed that she would do something unforgiveable... or worse.

The trial is ongoing and witnesses are expected to be summoned to court next week.