Britney Spears only went clubbing ''twice'' during her time in Las Vegas.

The 38-year-old pop star lived in Sin City between 2013 to 2017 while she had her 'Piece of Me' residency there but didn't take advantage of the famous nightlife and hasn't really been partying since.

Speaking in a fan Q&A on Instagram, she said: ''The first big question you guys asked me was what's the last huge party I went to. Believe it or not, I was in Vegas for four years and I went out like one time.

''It was probably like three or four years ago. And it was a club called XS [Nightclub inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas] and I danced with a friend.''

She then clarified in the caption to her video: ''Pssss I think I went out twice in Vegas actually ..... Oops !!!!!(sic)''

The 'Gimme More' hitmaker also revealed she goes ''back and forth'' with her religious beliefs.

She explained: ''I grew up Baptist but I ended up studying Kabbalah, so I go back and forth. But I do believe there is a God.''

While she's released 28 of her own fragrances, Britney's favourite perfume is by designer Tom Ford.

The 'Toxic' singer also told fans her favourite department store is Nordstrom and she orders a children's meal when she visits McDonalds.

Firing off a number of answers at once, she said: ''My favourite perfume is Tom Ford and my favourite department store is Nortstrom.

''Do I like McDonalds of Burger King? I definitely prefer a Happy Meal.''

Britney - who suffered a much-publicised breakdown in 2007 - recently revealed she has turned to yoga in a bid to help her learn to trust.

She added: ''In 2020 I will be doing a lot more acro yoga and the basics for yoga .... I'm a beginner and it's kind of hard to let go .... learning to trust and letting someone else hold your body !!! I have a lot of things I keep bottled up so I have to keep my body moving !!!! Thank God for Mother Nature .... she's really no joke. She grounds me and helps me find my feet and always opens my mind when I step outside !!!! (sic)''