In the spirit of dignity, something that her actions over the past few years have lacked, Britney Spears quit The X-Factor amidst rumours that show-boss Simon Cowell was ready to wield his unyielding celebrity axe all over her neck. 

Her $15million contract appeared to be in jeopardy after fans decided her slightly vacant style was boring, and when the rumours of her imminent sacking become too strong to ignore, Britney decided to quit. A source close to production explained to The Daily Mail: "Britney and her team knew it was unlikely she'd be asked back as a judge. The producers have already been making other plans for next season over the holidays. The reality is that toward the end of last season the main players knew they wanted to replace both Britney and LA Reid. LA Reid wasn't at the top of his game in second season and he knew that."

Another of Britney's criticisms was her frequent break taking, which occurred every few contestants, according to another source. "Most people didn't expect Britney to make it through the season as it's a demanding role but she did her best," explained the insider. It turns out, being an X-Factor judge isn't just turning up in your second dress. Who knew? Fellow judge L.A. Reid  - a long-standing judge - already announced his departure to focus on his record label.