Britney Spears wants her conservator to be ''someone from the outside''.

The 'Toxic' hitmaker is currently locked in a battle to ensure her father Jamie doesn't regain his sole conservator role as she feels he treats her ''like a child''.

A source told People magazine: ''Britney still wants the conservatorship to end at some point. But more urgently right now she doesn't want her dad to regain the sole conservator role. Jamie is very old school.

''He treats Britney like a child ... Britney wants someone who is respectful and considerate to be in charge of her conservatorship. Someone from the outside who is not her family. Someone who will treat her like an adult and listen to her. She will never have this relationship with Jamie.''

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed Britney's conservatorship will continue until at least 2021, with a judge now extending the terms of her conservatorship until February next year.

Britney's attorney, Samuel Ingham, was authorised to file a petition no later than September 18 and have it set for hearing on October 14, and the temporary letters of conservatorship were extended until February 1, 2021.

In Britney's filing earlier this week, she insisted she was ''strongly opposed'' to having her dad return as sole conservator and would ''strongly prefer'' for Jodi to stay in the role. The singer and her attorney stated they would prefer a ''qualified corporate fiduciary'' to take charge of her affairs.

However, a few days after her filing, Jamie also filed documents requesting he and lawyer Andrew Wallet both be reinstated as Britney's conservators.

Jamie has asked that he and Andrew be granted the ''power to obtain all documents and records'' relating to Britney's estate, including ''all contracts, information relating to credit cards, bank statements, estate planning documents, receivables, and any and all powers of attorney.''