Sam Lufti, Britney Spears’ former manager, has testified in his court case against the singer and her parents.

Lufti took the stand yesterday (October 22, 2012) and portrayed himself as a concerned friend, who doubled as Britney’s manager and denies that he failed to control the mob of paparazzi that hounded her during her breakdown.

According to Lufti, he “alleviated the problem with photographers” by telling them in advance where she would be going, so that they could follow her at a safe distance, according to Fox News. He added “I also started setting up meetings at her home with press photographers so they could get to know her as a human being.” Though he referred to himself as her manager, Lufti did not state, during his testimony, exactly when he became her manager.

Sam Lufti told how he met Britney Spears in a nightclub, shortly after she had famously shaved her head. He explained that she was going through a difficult time; she was in the midst of a custody battle and a divorce. Sam is claiming damages from Britney, for the time that he claims he was employed as her manager. He is also suing her mother, LYNNE SPEARS, who he claims defamed him in her book about Britney’s troubled times. Lufti explained that he now works as a consultant for his mother’s gas station business and has helped produce music videos for Courtney Love and other rock musicians.