Britney Spears has been ordered not to participate in a court case against her.

Today, testimonies begin, in Sam Lufti’s case against Britney and her parents. Lufti is Spears’ former manager and is claiming damages from Britney for money that he claims is owed to him from the time that he represented her. He is also suing her mother – LYNNE SPEARS - for defamation (for claims made in her autobiography) and has stated that he was assaulted by Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears.

According to a report from Fox News, Lufti’s lawyers would not confirm whether or not he would be the first to testify in the case but one thing is clear: Britney will not be taking the stand. Britney is still under a court-ordered conservatorship and a judge has told her not to participate in the court proceedings. Does this suggest that Britney’s mental health is still not as stable as we have been led to believe? The ‘Toxic’ singer is currently enjoying a stint as an X Factor judge in the US and apart from a few blips at the start of the season’s filming, she seems to be holding it together pretty well. The fact that she won’t be taking the stand during the trial, though, suggests that all may not be as rosy as the Spears camp would like us to think.

Sam Lufti has pained himself as a concerned friend that tried to help Britney during her troubled times. However, her parents claim that he played a part in her very public downfall (who doesn’t remember the head-shaving incident?) and that he used the paparazzi as “henchmen” during that period of turbulence for the singer.