Brittany Murphy's last ever movie finally has a release date four years after the actress' death. The long-delayed Something Wicked is reportedly set to premiere next month in Oregon, having wrapped just months before the 32 year-old star died due to anaemia and pneumonia.

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's Final Movie, 'Something Wicked,' Is To Be Released In April.

"The first months of reviewing the footage and starting to put things together and then seeing her and hearing her voice, it's very emotional," said Something Wicked writer and producer Joe Colleran, via NY Daily News. "It has been an extremely protracted process, but here we are," he added.

Set in Eugene, Oregon, the Darin Scott-directed, R-rated thriller centres on an engaged young couple, Christine and James, who are planning on enjoying their summer together before their lives take a drastic turn. They realise that Christine is being stalked by a delusional man who believes he is saving her from her fiancé and fantasises about an imagined relationship. What starts out as a fairly annoying irritation escalates into a chilling game of violence and deception.

Watch A Clip From 'Something Wicked':

Murphy's death and obtaining Oregon filming permits for reshoots held the film's release back but Colleran assures film fans that the wait will be worth it and that Murphy's performance is "chilling." "She just hit it out of the park," says Colleran of his late star's performance, adding "You can see why she was a celebrity and a star."

Murphy died on the 20th December 2009 at the home she and her husband, Simon Monjack, had shared. Her death was ruled to be an accident by LA coroners who found prescription drugs she'd been taking for her respiratory infection in her system.

Brittany Murphy Simon Monjack
Murphy & Monjack: The Couple Both Died In Suspiciously Similar Ways.

Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, claimed in November last that that both his daughter and Monjack, who died four months after his wife in similar circumstances, was a result of poisoning.

Something Wicked will open on the 4th April in Eugene, Oregon.

Brittany Murphy's father claimed that his daughter was poisoned and ordered a toxicology report: find out what he found here.

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