Brittany Murphy’s brother is convinced she was murdered.

Tony Bertolotti, 74, has spoken out approaching the 13th anniversary of the death of the ‘Clueless’ actress, found dead aged 32 in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home on December 20, 2009.

Her screenwriter husband Simon Monjack, 40, passed away in similar circumstances five months later.

The LA coroner ruled their deaths were due to pneumonia, anaemia, and drug intoxication after prescription pills were found in the couple’s systems.

But Tony told The Sun on Sunday: “There’s no way she died of natural causes. It’s impossible. It’s b*******, total c***.

“It was obvious to me, she was taken out... she didn’t die of natural causes. She was lost to a flu? In my book, that’s absurd.

“What are you kidding me? All she had to do is go five blocks away and they’d take care of her (in hospital.)”

Tony added there is also mystery over how Brittany’s mum Sharon, who lived with the pair, has lain low without apparently revealing where all of Brittany’s $10 million fortune went.

Brittany’s dad Angelo died in January 2019 aged 92 after spending years trying to uncover what happened to the actress.

Tony said three people in control of the estate after Brittany passed – her mum, a newspaper editor, and a doctor she was being treated by.

It was reported at the time of her death Simon was written out of her will and the whole of the estate went to Sharon, but as Brittany’s assets were held in a trust, details of the estate have stayed confidential.

Former saxophonist Tony, who has played with Bruce Springsteen and Diana Ross, added about his quest for truth: “It has nothing to do with money. “Believe me. I wouldn't touch that money anyway because it’s all evil. I wouldn't go near that money. Forget it, that’s dirty.”

But he admitted he has “no faith” the truth will emerge, calling it a “dead issue”.