Brooke Hogan has urged people to remember all the ''positive'' things her father Hulk Hogan has done in his lifetime.

The 27-year-old singer is still dismayed by the backlash her wrestling legend dad has suffered since the release of audio transcripts from an unauthorised sex tape recorded eight years ago which claim he used the 'N-word' while discussing Brooke's boyfriend.

Hulk's contract with WWE was terminated in the wake of the reports and he has been criticised by many people on Twitter for the language he used, although many members of the wrestling community have come out to publicly defend his character and state he is not a racist.

Now Brooke - who posted a poem about her father online last month - has spoken out again to urge people to forgive her father for his mistake and remember all the great things he has done for his fans and for society during his four-decade spanning career.

Taking to Twitter, she posted a photo of her dad in Sports Illustrated magazine and wrote: ''He changed lives ... In a positive way ... Seriously we all say dumb s*** in the privacy of our own homes. Dont forget who influenced you so POSITIVELY when you were young ... Big up to the people who don't act perfect. The people with no egos. Makes me love you more. (sic)''

Retired wrestler and DDP Yoga creator Diamond Dallas Page has also spoken out to defend Hulk, who he always considered a ''good man''.

Page - who wrestled with Hulk in now defunct company WCW - posted on his Twitter account: ''I was in Mexico over the I entire time the @HulkHogan situation transpired now that I'm back & I've heard some of facts here's my thoughts ... The Boys aren't most PC people on the planet Terry Bollea is human IMO he F'd up but I Believe @HulkHogan is a Good Man #HANGinThereBro DDP (sic)''

Hulk - real name Terry Bollea - made his first public appearance at the weekend since the race row erupted.

The 61-year-old wrestling legend attended the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, Illinois, last Saturday (01.08.15) and posted photos of himself hanging out with Mike Tyson on his Facebook account.

The event occurred the day after WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away on Friday (31.07.15) and Hulk posted: ''After the news yesterday I needed someone to cheer me up. Thanks Mike much love.''