Sadly, overdosing on prescription drugs is far from a new idea around Hollywood. The latest addition to the lineup is Strictly Sexual actress Brook Mueller, probably most known for her short-lived marriage to Charlie Sheen.

On Friday, Mueller was rushed to a hospital near her home in Tarzana, Los Angeles. She was found unconscious and initial reports mention high levels of Adderall – ADHD medication – in her blood, as well as low levels of alcohol. Her publicist denied these claims at the time, attributing the hospital stay to exhaustion and dehydration. However, yesterday Mueller voluntarily checked herself into rehab, admitting to a serious addiction to the prescription medication. According to TMZ, this will be the actress’s 19th visit to a rehab facility.

This may also have some more serious consequences, as Mueller is still on probation for a previous possession offence. Under the terms of her probation, she is not allowed to drink alcohol. According to her publicist, quoted by The Daily Mail, the levels of alcohol found in her blood at the time were not high enough to constitute a violation. However, with Mueller’s previous drug history, this incident is not to be taken lightly.

The actress and reality show star appears to be on the straight and narrow for the moment. Her voluntary stay at rehab is being taken by friends and family as indicating a commitment to staying clean this time. 'Brooke's family is hoping that she finally understands the consequences of her actions. That is, she risks losing all of her rights to the children if she doesn't get clean - once and for all', the anonymous source commented.