A new European beer commercial from the Radler brand has caused controversy across the world in countries where the advert's dark sense of humour doesn't sit well. The television commercial shows a bunch of dead celebrities, including Bruce Lee, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, chilling out, drinking beers on a desert island and hiding whenever a ship passes.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe Is One Of The Dead Celebrities Featured In The New Radler Advert.

The clip begins with a white-haired Elvis being given a beer by a beach babe waitress, who he eyes up as she struts away past an aging Marilyn Monroe rubbing suncream into Tupac Shakur's torso. The waitress reaches the bar where Kurt Cobain is strumming on his guitar whilst hanging out with John Lennon, who says "Hey Jude," whilst paying the peace sign - perhaps because the actor didn't really look like Lennon at all.

Watch The New Bavaria Radler Advert:

Bruce Lee, clad in his yellow jumpsuit, spots a nearing ship and sounds the alarm and the beach revellers rush to hide their island idyll. Deckchairs and beers are whisked away as tress are pulled down over the sunny resort. Lee karate chops a parasol down, causing wind that lifts up Marilyn's skirt as Cobain has an ogle.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Appears In The New Ad, Which Suggests The Celebrities Aren't Really Dead.

At the helm of the ship, the crew laugh off sightings of Elvis and turn around, leaving the not-dead celebrities to their isle of unadulterated bliss. The gang gather back around the bar and Elvis takes a sip of the beer and lemon-lime soda combination made by the Dutch brewery, Bavaria.

Elvis Presley
"Elvis" has Landed A Starring Role In Radler's Cheeky New Commercial.

The advert is cheeky, witty, and just a little distasteful; the New York Times have already shown they don't really get the dark brand of humour sold by the beer company although the ad will probably go down a storm in Europe. Even the worst bits about the advert - the actors who only look slightly like their iconic celebs, the tired clichés and the cheesy soundtrack song - just make the Radler clip even more memorable.

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