Hong Kong actor CHAN KWOK-KWAN has landed the role of Bruce Lee in a new Chinese TV show after impressing the family of the martial arts legend with his physical likeness to him. Kwok-Kwan, who played a Lee lookalike in the 2001 film Shaolin Soccer and has appeared as the late kung fu star in TV adverts, says he worked out and learned Jeet Kune Do - a fighting style pioneered by Lee - to show his hunger for the role. Kwok-Kwan even sent monthly tapes of him imitating the Enter the Dragon star to Lee's wife and daughter to ensure he scored the role. He says, "I'm really very happy that I got the lead role. This isn't about the money. I'm really excited to play Bruce Lee." The TV show will tell the story of Lee's life in 40 episodes, and is due to start filming in February (07).