''Sin City'is back and once again we’re being taken into the world of Frank Miller’s comic book on the big screen as Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis return for 'Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For'. Whilst we’re hoping we can expect more from this than the other Miller inspired sequel around at the moment, lets first get the low down on the second ‘Sin City’ instalment.

Jessica alba in sin city 2 a dame to kill forJessica Alba in 'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For'

‘Sin City’

Sin City’ is based on the graphic comics of Frank Miller which debuted in 1991. Featuring Miller’s unique drawing style which draws heavy inspiration from film noir and is mostly in black and white. Miller is also famous for ‘300’ and his work with Batman. Oh, and he's also a director and co-helmed the 2005 ‘Sin City’ movie with Robert Rodriguez which recieved much critical acclaim.

‘The Cast’

Many members of the original cast will be once again returning to ‘Sin City’. Bruce Willis will reprise his role of Detective John Hartigan and Jessica Alba will return as dancer Nancy Callahan. Also coming back are Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King and Powers Boothe. Alongside the returning actors there’s also a host of new faces making their debut trip to Basin City. Former Bond Girl Eva Green is playing the former lover of fellow newcomer, veteran actor Josh Brolin. Joesph Gordon-Levitt has been cast as a ‘cockey gambler’ whilst Julia Garner will play a young stripper. Also watch out for a cameo by singer Lady Gaga who will have a scene with Gordon-Levitt. Replacing the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the roe of Manute will be Dennis Haysbert, best known as US President David Palmer on ’24’.

Joesph Gordon Levit comes to Sin cityJoseph Gordon Levitt comes to Sin City

The Crew

Miller is co-directing once again with Robert Rodriguez and the pair are also responsible for the screenplay with William J. Monahan, - known for his work on ‘The Departed’ - lending a hand. Rodriguez will once again provide the film’s score and handle the cinematography. The film will be presented in 3D and Rodriguez has said that the sequel will imitate Miller’s drawing style even more than the predecessor.

The plot

The film follows four stories and events depicted take place before, during, and after the 2005 movie. The titular story ‘A Dame to Kill For’ features Josh Brolin and Eva Green’s characters and is based on Miller’s comic of the same name. Eva’s character, Ava has been described by Rodriguez as ‘completely diabolical with no mercy. She’s as evil as evil gets.’ Then Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke have their story ‘Just Another Saturday Night’, adapted from Miller’s ‘Booze, Broads & Bullets’ short comic story collection. A additional two stories have then been peened by Miller for the film, ‘The Long Bad Night’ which centres on Levit’s character and ‘The Fat Loss’ revolving around Nancy

Mickey Rouke in Sin cITY'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For' also features Mickey Rourke

How will it fair?

From the trailer its clear that visually, ‘Sin City 2’ may even top the first instalment, nine years on the technology is now better available to really bring Miller’s artwork to realisation on screen. You only have to look at some of the trailers scenes to see how the great splashes of colour and the heightened monochromes have been improved with age. The film’s style aside, however, questions have to be asked about Miller himself, his 2008 solo directing debut ‘The Spirt’ was panned by critics. Then there’s Rodriguez who should hopefully have been reeling Miller in if he became too self indulgent. Rodriguez too has had problems creatively as of late, his latest film Machete Kills’ was also disliked by critics. What the film of course has in its favour is the tremendous success of its predecessor, but as another Miller adaptation, ‘300’ has shown, this doesn't always guarantee success. The release date for ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ is August this year, so producers will be hoping to hit the always profitable summer market. There’s no doubt a return to ‘Sin City’ should be welcomed, lets just hope it further enhances the franchise and doesn't become a sequel we’d rather forget.