The Bruce Willis starring action comedy Red 2 is going into opening weekend with lukewarm reviews – more of a gentle maroon, if we’re going with the color metaphor. The film chronicles the events of Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) life three years after the original, when the former CIA agent has settled into a comfortable life with his damsel in distress from the first movie Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), but the couple are forced to come out of retirement by the murder of a friend and their own framing for a Cold War era mission by one of those pesky government agencies. As far as plots go, this one definitely suffers from sequel fatigue, which seems to be what most reviews hold against the film. However, various reviewers find various redeeming aspects of the action, driven by gun-toting pensioners.

Bruce Willis, Letterman ShowBruce Willis Stars In 'Red 2'

The L.A. Times focuses on the commercial side of things, noting that both audiences and the studio already know that the “Red” concept works and it gets a specific audience into theatres. The question now is, with the novelty wearing off and sequel fatigue beginning to set in, can Summit repeat the hole in one?

Helen Miren, RED 2 Premiere
Miren at the RED 2 premiere.

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USA Today’s  review notes exactly what Red 2 has that lifts it out of mediocrity -  a stellar cast, which besides Willis and Parker, includes three Oscar winners in supporting roles – Helen Miren, Anthony Hopkins and Katherine Zeta-Jones all make much needed appearances at precisely the right time. Even with director Dean Parisot, who tones down the action in favor of more dialogue and character development, Red 2 seems to be enough of a thrillride to qualify  as passable summer entertainment.

The Hollywood Reporter also gives this a reserved “thumbs up,” noting that while Parisot’s “downplaying of a distinctive visual style ” holds the movie back a bit, the cast manages to lift it to the e level of truly fun summer entertainment. The website even hints at a possible third installment in the works.

RED 2 is now in cinemas and you can catch the trailer below.